Cyber Security

Keep your Information Safe

Thanks to the ever-increasing global connectivity and rising usage of cloud services IoT devices, cyber crimes have skyrocketed massively over the past decade. Businesses can no longer rely on simplistic firewalls and antivirus software to protect their data. A robust cybersecurity ecosystem is essential to keeping your business protected agains ransomeware, data theft, and all other sensitive data.

Latitudes IT can help strengthen ur security posture and make sure that you’re protecting your data and business we provide professional implementation of the following products and have access to many more depending on your needs. Contact and we’ll help you find the best security stack for your business. 

Cybersecurity Built for Resilience

In a hyperconnected world where cyber attackers seek to do harm 24/7 and organizations face unpredictable risk, Bitdefender is built for resilience. Whether HIPAA compliance or GDPR security standards are concerns, Bitdefender makes things easier. Bitdefender provides the necessary controls, visibility, and data retention to make security compliance simpler and more effective. 


Purpose-built for Business

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection and DNS Protection were specifically designed to serve the unique challenges faced by MSPs and small- to medium-sized businesses. Integrated into the same unified admin console, our cybersecurity solutions offer the automation and ease of management you need to successfully grow your business.


Unified Managed Security
For Cyber Threat Prevention

When it comes to securing your enterprise endpoints, it’s important to have a understanding of the issue that detection-based solutions will never detect 100% of what is malicious, or 100% known to be good. Unknown files may be perfectly harmless and required for system functionality or they may be dangerous zero-day threats or APTs that cause mega breaches. Your cyber security solution must be able to detect the difference to both prevent breaches and enable productivity. Comodo’s Patented Auto Containment technology defeats zero-day attacks with no impact to the end user experience, unlike any other security technologies on the market today.

Detect and Stop Advanced Threats

Prevent known and unknown threats with Advanced Threat Protection—even those that don’t use malware—from reaching your people. Advanced Threat Protection is a security solution that defends against complex malware or hacking attacks that target sensitive data within an organization. Protect against advanced threats with the industry’s most robust email security platform and the most accurate view of the email threat landscape.

Lockdown Every Application with Avanan

Malware and ransomware can enter your environment through any cloud application. Whether you collaborate with Slack or Microsoft Teams, share files with OneDrive or Box, there are countless ways malware and ransomware can permeate your cloud.

Adapt to the Modern Threat Landscape

Sentinel One extends your visibility and actionability to novel attacker techniques, global APT campaigns, and emerging cyber crimes with intelligence-driven, cross-platform threat hunting.

As SentinelOne’s threat researchers track threat actors in the wild, their intelligence sources are curated, contextualized, and prioritized by WatchTower to deliver you relevant and timely insights without adding unneeded noise to your inbox.

Customizable Configuration – One Consolidated Platform

Designed for the future of digital business, Echoworx Email Encryption brings scalability, flexibility and simplicity to encryption. Choose Echoworx to gain access to eight different ways of delivering information you send and receive in email. Or opt for One Delivery Method to meet a specific need. Echoworx also offers Volume Documents for high-volume demands and mass distribution.

The future of backup and recovery

Veeam® provides a reliable and cost-effective backup and recovery solution to deliver verified, granular recovery of all your critical assets across any environment or application, ensuring you achieve your SLAs and RPO/RTOs.

Access the most cutting-edge Modern Data Protection solution on the market, break away from the vast overhead of legacy data protection and focus on core innovation projects.

The #1 SaaS Backup Solution

Fast, affordable, and reliable SaaS backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.  Spanning is a scalable and powerful yet easy-to-setup. Stop worrying about backing up your data. Enable administrators and users to restore data and get back to work in just a few clicks. 

Don’t assume you can recover from ransomeware. Know you can. 

Eliminate the uncertainty of recovery. Keep your data secure, neutralize ransomware risk,
and quickly recover your data, wherever it lives.

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