Business Relocation Management

Streamlined facilitation for your office move

Whether you are moving to a different location locally or opening a new Orlando office, we ensure it is planned, managed, and executed efficiently. With our business relocation management, we guarantee your move will run smoothly by getting the best movers, furniture vendors, and tech connectivity experts on the job.

An office relocation incorporates plenty of moving parts, which is why we employ a detailed office moving process. This process ensures that any issue is resolved quickly to avoid delays, loss, and breakage. Additionally, Latitudes I.T. will be onsite making sure your network and connectivity are up and running before your team arrives.

Pre-move Planning

The right move plan makes a big difference in the success of your business relocation cost and timeline. We’ll work with you to customize a plan to address your needs, including internet connectivity and move instructions for your end users to ensure the relocation process is seamless.